Assalamualaikum w.w. rakan-rakan ANSARA sekalian,

Alhamdulillah, the month of Ramadhan has been smooth, hopefully, for most of us observing it. Although we are sad that the holy month which is full of “Barokah” now has to leave us, we shall embrace the coming of Syawal with deep gratitude. We live another day, another month, another year, with His blessings.

Syukur, Ansara lives on to celebrate the closing of 25th Anniversary Celebration just before Ramadhan. This is something that we should collectively hold very close to our hearts. More importantly, we need to realize and understand the growing pains of being a 25-year-old organization. We are no longer a boy or a girl. We are an adult, with so many dreams, hopes, questions and concerns. To ensure that we survive this challenging phase, it is imperative that we stay focused on our journey to realize our vision. Pendokong amanah sebagai kesinambungan kepada matlamat MRSM untuk memartabatkan agama dan mendaulatkan bangsa dan negara.

I have clearly shared with all of you, when we took over the leadership of Ansara in October 2017, about our aspiration to bring Ansara to greater heights and to achieve our vision – we hope that each and everyone of us, terutamanya barisan kepimpinan ANSARA, to have these three very important criteria: Integrity, Competency and Energy. I am happy to be educated by Ustaz Don Daniyal recently that the holy Quran has recorded some 1500 years ago that both integrity and competency are the two important criteria in the decision of hiring a worker. “O my father! Hire him! Verily, the best of men for you to hire is the strong, the trustworthy.” (Surah Al-Qasas 28: 26)

The concept of integrity in Islam is not exclusive to whom one leads but is a moral value that each of us must internalize in our hearts and manifest in our daily lives. When it comes to competency, Islam teaches its followers to strive to achieve the highest performance standard when doing practically anything. In fact, Prophet Muhammad SAW stressed the importance of competencies in executing tasks in a hadith which was transmitted by Al-Hakim “Whoever appoints someone as a public servant and overlook those who are more competent has committed treason against Allah, His Prophet and the believers.”

I also wish to share with all of you that this echoes very well with what Tun Mahathir personally reminded me during our recent Ansara Gala Dinner. Tun asserted that “orang kita memang pandai, but need to work on the Integrity and work hard.”

Alhamdulilah, without a doubt, all Ansarians that I have been privileged to work with are full of energy and hard working. Approaching half-a-century of life experience now, I have never came across such dedicated volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy for their alma mater and alumni association. Never. I wish this country has more people like them, as I am sure the Agama, Bangsa dan Negara will then always be in the state of “didaulatkan dan dimertabatkan.”

I strongly believe ANSARA is in the right path to greater heights. I am pleased to inform you that our membership had grown more than triple and we have exceeded our target set during our leadership strategic away day in November 2017.

There have been many successful programs that we organized - mainly to get everyone together and create a culture of togetherness. With more than 30 official chapters and nearly 20 unofficial chapters, it is imperative that we at ANSARA Pusat stay focused on running programs themed around unity and to bring everybody together. Some of our notable programs towards unity were 25T, Mega Raya, Qsara, ABDC and KSA. As many aware, KSA managed to garner more than 8,000 participants from 46 chapters. On promoting our focus on education, we have successfully ran programs like ANSARA Student Development Program and EduXtra together with MARA. Most chapters continue to organise SPKG but more and more are coordinated with Pusat now. While to fulfill our economic and welfare mission, we have given out scholarships to some needy MRSM students, collaborated with ASMARA in Tabung Pendidikan ANSARA and launched ANSARApay – a passive income generator. All those information are available on our new portal.

Now that our term in office is nearly over, I can look back on my journey and reflect. Have we achieved every single thing we set out to do? No, we haven’t, but we certainly have achieved a lot more than what we thought possible. Would I do it again? Yes, if I were to be given the mandate again. There are still objectives which we are still measuring as we speak; and knowing what I know now, there are a few things I would tweak to make things better. I surely think ANSARA is a lot more visible in the public eyes for good reasons now and we are a lot more united today than we have ever been before. MARA has also viewed us as their strategic partner and our views have started to be taken seriously by KPLB, in my opinion. We have also successfully forged symbiotic collaboration with many parties including ASMARA, Uzma and Celcom. I am positive that many more mutually-beneficial partnerships will come our way.

I would like to ride on this momentum and steer ANSARA to even greater heights and set a platform for next leadership team to continue making ANSARA as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

I wish to thank everybody in the leadership team for all of your hard work and dedication. None of you are getting paid, compensated or being officially recognized. You are the real heroes. We have come a long way since we took office in late 2017. We set tough objectives and targets. We have achieved a good number of them; we haven’t made satisfactory achievement in some of them. However, we are pleased with the progress that we have made so far, given the limitations that we had.

To those who are still celebrating Raya and will be on wheels, stay safe and please be considerate to the others on the road. Nothing brings greater joy than the safe arrival of our loved ones, whether from near or far; for it is when our loved ones are together that the Raya celebration truly becomes complete and meaningful. Be safe and don’t be sorry.

To those who list food as one of their weaknesses, you can go ahead and gloat but remember, there will be consequences. Hardly anything is free or comes without consequences. Make sure your bicycle is well oiled and/or your running shoes are ready. Better yet, let us join many ANSARIANs at the coming Ironman Langkawi in October 2019. You and I might need to shed those extra bags from the delicious (sinful, to some) rendang, lemang and ketupat. How is that for a post-Raya health goal?

Last but not least, I hope all of us would be given the opportunity to embrace another Ramadhan next year. But before that, I hope to see all of you on June 28th for another edition of Mega Raya Ansara 2019 with more energy than ever!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1440H.


Dato’ Kamarul Redzuan Muhamed
Presiden ANSARA Malaysia

- Beraya di Shah Alam :( -