AGM 2018


Assalamualaikum w.w., Fellow ANSARIANS,

It has been just over a year since we, my EXCO and I, were given the mandate to lead ANSARA. I thank you for your trust and I am well aware that with trust comes hopes on your side and responsibility on our side. I do not know about the other EXCOs, but for me personally, after a year in office, I came to realize that running ANSARA has been a lot more challenging than I anticipated when I ran for presidency last year. Maybe more difficult than running Uzma and its 30 subsidiaries!

While being low and limited in funds, or having ANSARians scattered all over the nation might have been easily be blamed as the main causes of this difficulty, I’d have to admit that, quite surprisingly, the diversity which we have viewed as one of our greatest strengths, could have been proven to be the real challenge. Diversity, because being so diverse in the wide spectrum of our memberships, we realized that we have to deal with a thousand different needs. 

In retrospect, we started off in a high note – quickly grouped ourselves with 6 EXCOs and SUA/PSUA. Tackling the risks and opportunity which could rise from our diversity, we have ensured diversity in the leadership line-up, with a good spread of age, gender and chapters, to better cater for our different needs.

Our away-strategic meeting held during our infancy resulted in the successful creation of nine functional bureaus: Kewangan & Ekonomi, Keahlian, Modal Insan, Kebajikan, Komunikasi & Media, ANSARA Muda, ANSARAnita, Sukan and Kebudayaan. Our plan was, having these various bureaus could give us small, committed teams planning and running their portfolios and focused areas. We were on fire and planning BIG before we realized, a few programs later that, we might have missed one very important detail that we took for granted all along: the fact that UNITY is key to our organization. UNITY is a definite prerequisite of pretty much everything else we want to do in ANSARA. UNITY is vital before we take on bigger, serious agenda in the organization. We just need to be UNITED. I’m afraid there’s no way around it. 

Luckily, we realized this early in our excitement to serve our members and to go BIG. Luckily the leadership have been quick to proactively manage this challenge by appropriately modifying our strategy for our first year in office by aligning ourselves and collectively focusing on activities which could bring all of us closer together. Programs which could unite us as 1UNITEDANSARA. I strongly feel that we have managed to achieve our goal this first year.

Additionally, ANSARA leadership is in opinion that we must strengthen our relationship with MARA. Since taking the office, we have established a very close relationship with MARA and had since be seen by MARA as an organization that could assist  MARA in reaching their objectives MARA especially in education and entrepreneurship. ANSARA now directly and indirectly involved in various collaboration with MARA such as ASDP and EduExtra.

Having passed the first phase – in bringing ourselves closer together, I think we need to shift our gear into strengthening our unity, strengthening ANSARA and strategize to tackle bigger and more serious agenda head on. With this in mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and to express my gratitude to everybody who has worked very hard to materialize our original manifesto. A lot of people have come together and contribute their thoughts, time, energy and physical strength towards our common goals. While I thank you for your hard work, let me remind all of us that it is exactly what we expect moving forward. So do not lose the momentum.

In fact, we need to work even harder this year because the challenge is mounting and expectations from our diversified members are growing. We need everybody’s help. We need everyone to contribute, especially all the Ketua Cawangan and delegates. We need you to get in touch with your MRSM comrades. We need you to bring them into ANSARA. We need you to get them to join us and be personally involved in our programs.

A sneak peak into what’s in store for 2019, let me just quickly share with you that we are in good progress to launch ANSARAPAY and Tabung Pendidikan ANSARA/ASRAMA. To improve our financial standing, we are collaborating with ASMARA to run activities and programs that could generate income for the both of our organizations.

I shall leave you with the reminder that 2018 marks 25 years of ANSARA. At this maturity, there is no time to waste on reflecting our existence or its purpose and still questioning the UNITY in our minds and hearts. It’s time to be united as one and to march forward stronger, aligned and determined as never before, to materialize our dreams and hopes for a better ANSARA for all ANSARians.

Wassalam and have a good AGM.

Dato’ Kamarul Redzuan Muhamed
Presiden ANSARA Malaysia

- 13 OCT 2018 -