Let's Stay United


As ANSARIANs, we are proud that some of our members have taken part in the election process by being candidates in their chosen political platforms. I hope everybody who has been eligible to cast his or her vote and who has the ability to do so, has done so in the spirit of building a better nation for our future generations. We should be very proud to be able to experience the whole democratic process and to be part of this great nation.

To the new sworn-in Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad - congratulations; you have a very challenging task from here today to steer the nation into the direction best to fit all Malaysians’ aspirations. You have been there and done that. In you we trust.

To my fellow ANSARIAN candidates who have been mandated to serve the country from both sides (DS Mukhriz Mahathir, DS Norolazali Sulaiman and Ustaz Ariffin Deraman, to name a few), congratulations. We are proud to have you to be inside the fabric of the policy-makers and decision-makers in the new government. We are confident that regardless of the political parties you are attached to, you will always do your best and stand for the development and welfare of the people, as has been taught by the MRSM system early on in our youth. Stay true to your aspirations and commitment to lead and build a better nation – as what have been preached in your political manifestos. No amount of success could replace the virtue of integrity. Negara perlukan Jasamu. Bersama Memegang Teraju.

To those who haven’t been successful to serve this term, keep on fighting for our voices to be heard. Keep on contributing in the best ways we know: be present and show our genuine care for the course of our existence. Bersatulah Hati. Bersama Berbakti.

Let’s put the intense pre-PRU campaigning and preaches behind and move forward together as a united Malaysians to help steer the country into becoming a better nation. We realize that each one of us has fought our personal and collective fights just as well as I appreciate the differences in our personal and collective opinions, but let’s come together as one and accept the results of the PRU14 with open hearts and minds. Let’s move forward united with the same intention of making Malaysia one of the greatest nation in the world.

There are times for everything and everything has its own time. Now it’s time to return to reality, heal all wounds, celebrate our differences and synergize our efforts into building the nation. Together we can achieve so much. United we can reach the impossible.

1UNITEDANSARA. Let’s stay united for a better Malaysia

Dato’ Kamarul Redzuan Muhamed
Presiden ANSARA Malaysia

- 10 MAY 2018 -