It has been just over 70 days since I was given the mandate to lead ANSARA. I thank you for your trust and I am well aware that with trust comes hopes on your side and responsibility on my side. Before we progress into more meaningful executions, let’s agree that for any entity or organization to be effective, we the members of the organization need to have the same aspiration as to what we shall accomplish as a community of MRSM graduates and most importantly, we need to be aligned in our visions and missions. With that note, let me make it clear that ANSARA shall stay true to its focus to be an organization which shall meet the needs, hopes and aspirations of all its members and to play a significant supporting role in assisting MRSM specifically and MARA generally, to achieve their purpose.

The new leadership team of ANSARA didn’t waste much time – we practically haven’t stopped running since the day we took office. As promised, within a month, we appointed 5 new EXCOs and SUA/PSUA. We have ensured diversity in the leadership line-up, with a good spread of age, gender and chapters. It is very important to have such a diversified team, considering that we have about 212,000 members and potential members. With a total of 54 MRSMs in 2017, there could be approximately 6,000 potential members being produced by the MRSM system every year. ANSARA should be a community where every ex-MRSM student can feel like home, regardless of their chapters, kampungs, ages and genders. The fact of the matter is, being “Anak MARA” makes us share more similarities instead of being divided by differences. This, my fellow ANSARIANS, is definitely something to celebrate for. #1UnitedANSARA.

Back to tasks at hand, there have been regular discussions and meetings among the EXCOs which had resulted in the successful creation of eight functional bureaus: Keahlian, Modal Insan, Komunikasi/Media, Kewangan/ Ekonomi, Kebajikan, Sukan/Kebudayaan, ANSARAMuda dan ANSARAnita. The good thing about having these various bureaus is that we could have very focused teams planning and running their portfolios and focused areas. In the spirit of continually improving our performance and deliverables to ANSARIANS, each bureau shall also do self-checking to look for the gaps between the outcome of their activities and the planned results. Information gathered could then be used to take remedial actions to ensure they are on the right track to fulfil their bureaus’ objectives.

In early December we managed to run an intensive off-site strategic discussion with most of our bureaus’ leaders, Ketua-ketua Cawangan and key leaders from our various chapters. We spent two days and one night brainstorming, discussing, challenging and finally concluding the key missions of ANSARA for the next two years. Delegates were divided into their eight bureaus and each bureau was asked to brainstorm and discuss their scope of work, objectives and clear action plans to achieve those objectives within the next 22 months. Challenge sessions were conducted to fine-tune each bureau's master plan and I am happy to say that we walked out from the session with everybody having a very clear plan to focus on. It became clear from the engagement that we are here to serve our members first above everything else. Among the important decisions made in the session were: we shall always put our members first, rebuild our branding, strengthen our financial standing, hold the prestigious KSA every two years, execute more structured charity and assistance to our needy members, and grow our membership especially from the younger generations. The Master Plan of our executions is being compiled as we speak, and we shall be able to roll-out our programs and activities by Quarter 1 of 2018.

Dear Anak-Anak MRSM:

“Indahnya bumi kita ini, WARISAN berkurun lamanya…..”.

All of us here today are proofs of how MRSM has unlocked the potential of many, many great minds. With that discovered potential, hopefully comes the realization and passion to bring ourselves and our community to greater heights. The keyword here is the realization, discovery and proper channel of the potential in each and every one of us. Who could best unlock your potential? The answer is you and in our case, within the right environment and preconditions provided by the best of institutions, no other than our beloved MRSMs. So it’s you and me. Come with me back to one of the best times in our lives. Come with me 5, 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years back in time, to the best place on earth, where we learnt, we succeeded, we failed, we laughed, we cried… But more importantly, where we lived in the company of the people who have the same dreams and limitless potentials just like most of us. Just take a few seconds to remember your days in MRSM and what they have given you. Those “Assalamualaikum Cikgu,..”. Those “Wahai Putera-Puteri bangsaku….”. Those “Anak kecil main api, terbakar hatinya yang sepi….”… What would you give to make sure that the same experience be enhanced for our future generations? What can we do, as a community of ANSARA, to continue on with our national agenda? Let’s make ourselves and our future generation great. #UnlockingthePotential.

2018 shall mark 25 years of ANSARA. At this maturity, there is no time to waste on reflecting our existence or its purpose – since each and every one of us is crystal clear of why we are in this organization. It’s time to be united as one and to march forward stronger, align and determine as never before, to materialize our dreams and hopes for a better ANSARA. Please join me to break any walls dividing our extensive demographics for the respect of MARA. Let’s work together to realize our collective aspirations as anak-anak MRSM for the love of ANSARA..

Selamat Tahun Baru Dua Ribu Lapan Belas


Dato’ Kamarul Redzuan Muhamed
Presiden ANSARA Malaysia

- 31 MAC 2018 -