Posted By ABU BAKAR ABDUL GHAFFAR, January 01 2019

12.00pm 31 December 2018 marks the end of the Ansara Membership Challenge. Its a one month long challenge and the competition is stiff. It takes much effort to plan coordinate and encourage batch members to register.

Congratulations Ansara Taiping who had shown that the impossible is possible. They had achieved a great feat and shown superb teamwork amongst them.

Congratulations to Ansara Kuantan and Ansara PDRM. PDRM started late but quickly raced to the top in just a week. They were neck to neck with Kuantan at one point of time with just 25 and 17 members behind.

Ansara Kuantan had to dig deep to increase their lead. By the stroke of midnight at the end of the year, the results shows that Kuatagh managed to pull ahead with 280 new members against PDRMs 206.

Taiping wins the Gold medal, Kuantan wins the Silver and PDRM the Bronze. These are the first medals awarded for KSA19 which forms part of the KSA medal tally for the chapter. Other Chapters also showed a gallant effort to drastically increase their registered members.

Well done Biro Keahlian Ansara for the remarkable membership challenge. Everybody comes out a winner.

Ansara clocked a total 2272 new members in December 2018.
A good beginning at the end of the year.