Posted By ABU BAKAR ABDUL GHAFFAR, October 13 2018

Its different from any other AGM!
Its Ansara Malaysia AGM Extra.2018.

A good turnout of about 200 members came as both delegates or observers. Registration were made easy as members just need to scan their e-membership card to register.  Each member receives a nice pamphlet providing infos of the past and present of Ansara Malaysia.  At the foyer were display panels providing attendees with more info regarding Ansara Malaysia.

As they enter DPAC the fully air-conditoned huge auditorium setting and lush confortable seats set a pleasant ambiance for a refreshing AGM.  

All excos were on stage most of them looking smart in their Ansara Batik. The AGM proceeded well and each Bureau Heads presented their reports accompanied with splendid visuals displayed on the huge LED display on stage.

By the end of the AGM the guests were entertained with some live music led by the President himself.

During lunch, everybody was in smiles and had positive things to say about the AGM and as was appopriately named AGM Extra 2018.