Ke Kuliah Kita Segera

Posted By AHMAD LUTHFI BIN MUSA, January 22 2020

I considered my life at MRSM as my formative years and it built my character. My believes and value systems were reinforced later in life but certainly began at MRSM.

I enjoyed my years there including going to tazkirah, ghast, solat hajat, taklim, bayan, kelas silat, taddarus and other. I equally enjoyed going to music classes, drama show and sitting on bench as a reserved soccer player not for my MRSM but for my class.

Since inception, MRSM produced about 200,000 graduates and many of them are very successful. Generally majority escaped the poverty trap and brought their socio-economy status a notch or two higher. Long and short MRSM is one of an MARA’s many successes. The annoying part of being successful is it creates enemies. Results speak louder than fitnah.

Sudahlah. MRSM bukan sekolah agama. MRSM bukan sekolah rohani. As matter of fact MRSM is not a science school. Not even an entrepreneur school. Bukan sekolah art. But MRSM are all that. Stop ‘touching’ us. You not gonna succeed

Ke kuliah kita segara.

Saya anak MARA